Nux offers the world-class education services, including leading-edge training, certification, and accreditation to ensure you are prepared to secure your network and safely enable applications.

Palo Alto training will enable you to control, analyze and prevent cyber attacks. In the modern day, security is the main concern and it is vital that we prevent our network from the cyber threats. Palo Alto’s firewall range offers the organizations with the latest inspection technology and with the help of this the training organizations; one can prevent legacy and day-zero attacks. As the first line of response for any organization against a cybersecurity attack, it is very important to comprehend the technology. There is the very wide and bright scope of this technology.

Hence, it has become the best training providers among the rest. Our Academy program works with colleges and instructors to provide students with the necessary knowledge of next-generation cyber security to productively navigate today’s rapidly changing cyber threat landscape. Our well trusted Palo Alto training gives the knowledge and one can easily secure the network and safely enable applications. Nux IT SOLUTIONS offers a full portfolio of Instructor Led and e-Learning options. Together with our Authorized Training Centers (ATCs), our Instructor-Led classes feature the lecture and hands-on labs and are available through classroom instruction.


Exam Course Content
ACE (EDU-201) Palo Alto – Configuration and Implementation .pdf


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